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We are the largest screen printing company in Denver, Colorado. Our team of experts has helped us build an award-winning brand that is trusted by companies nationwide. We can help you design your next t-shirt or create custom-branded merchandise to sel...

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We’ve been helping clients from all industries create custom merchandise and brand designs for years. We’re more than just another vendor to them, we’re their trusted partners.

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Do you need to find a new screen printing company in Denver? If so, we can help. We’ve worked with clients from every type of organization, from local non-profits to regional companies, and international corporations. Our uniq...

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We’re more than just a vendor. We’ve collaborated with clients from every type of organization, from local non-profits to regional companies, and international corporations.

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How do I make my brand stand out in the crowd?

Your logo and branding are how your company is recognized. It’s an important part of your business, but it can be difficult to find a designer who understands what you need and wants to work with you on a project th...

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6 months ago
Anthem Branding really listened to what we wanted our brand to project to our customers. They took our thoughts and created an attractive portfolio that genuinely reflects the essence of our brand.
- Pablo H
6 months ago
The knowledge the Anthem team provided resulted in a product that exceeded my expectations. Every interaction with their team was absolute professionalism.
- Jeffry B
6 months ago
You nailed it! That has never happened in my history, it is like you read my mind and created what I've been trying to get across for a while now. Bravo!
- Allen W

Anthem Branding - Screen Printing Denver

Anthem Branding Does Custom Screen Printing in Denver, CO
Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver is a state-of-the-art full-service branding design service serving the entire Denver/Boulder metro area.  Founded in 2006 by Ted Church, Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver knows the two essential factors of successful branding: instant recognition and touch.

Example of Successful Branding
There is not a person among us who has not driven down a residential street and seen a box with an Amazon logo on the side sitting on someone’s porch. You don’t even think about what the box says. You know from that split second of seeing the logo that it is an order from Amazon. 

This is instant recognition. People might fault Amazon for using way too many boxes when then ship products.  But what they are actually doing is building brand recognition.  The more times a consumer sees a logo, the deeper it gets imprinted on their brain.

When a company is ready for instant brand recognition, they look for custom screen printing in Denver from Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver.

Being able to touch a product that has a brand name on it activates more brand recognition than just seeing it with your eyes. The more senses involved, the greater the impression.

Think about the last time you bought a hat for your favorite sports team.  The first thing you did was trace the outline of the embroidery with your finger.  It brought a smile to your face.  Or maybe a company you are thinking about using gave you a hat.  You couldn’t resist – the logo was raised embroidery, and you just had to touch it.  

A few days later, you are having a company meeting to decide who will produce your newest product. For some unknown reason, you advocate using the company that gave you the cool hat with the embroidered logo.  That unknown reason was the fact that you were able to touch the logo. It’s amazing the results that can result from properly branded promotional products. 

More Than Embroidery
It’s not just the hats and the t-shirts with embroidery on them that produce tangible, tactile brand recognition.  It also is all the products that can be screen printed.  Just about any product made out of fabric of any kind can have screen printing applied to it.  Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver can produce unbelievable results with their high-tech screen printing equipment.   When they are looking for custom screen printing, Denver business owners know that they will get the best results from Anthem Branding -Screen Printing Denver.

When business owners look for custom screen printing in Denver, the first thing they need to ask themselves is this:  What technique does this company employ when they do screen printing?

Most people don’t even know what screen printing is. It consists of using a fine screen, or mesh, to filter the ink as applied to the product. Because the holes in the screen are so tiny, logo designs can be quite intricate.  Any colors can be used with this Denver screen printing. 

Screen printing can even be used on dark fabrics because white ink can be transferred through the mesh.  After the ink is applied to the screen, it is pressed through the screen using a pressure frame that is drawn across the screen.

Using another technique, the Denver screen printing company can use a heat transfer to get the ink into the t-shirt or other promotional item. 

Either way, it is important to be using the latest techniques and technologies to produce the best results.

Business owners need to know that Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver uses the best screen printing equipment available.  With over 15 years in the business, they don’t mess around with outdated technologies, or old-fashioned screen-printing procedures. 

All of their Denver screen printing is done on-site with modern machinery being operated by experienced technicians. 
Anthem Branding – screen printing Denver can put screen printing on a huge variety of products.  Again, think about the tactile brand recognition. 

Many people these days carry a backpack rather than a briefcase. So, every morning your potential customer is touching their custom screen printed backpack in Denver and seeing your brand for a brief second before they sling it over their shoulder.  They touch the backpack and they see the logo. Screen printing a logo on a backpack not only reminds the owner of the backpack, but also reminds everyone who walks behind that person.

Backpacks are only the beginning.  Every Saturday, your customers reach into their closet to pull out a t-shirt.  Make sure your custom screen printed t-shirts in Denver are the best quality product available.  It doesn’t say much for your brand if the screen printing wears off long before the shirt wears out. 

This also goes for all other Denver screen printing products. Business owners know that they need a branding agency that can apply their logo so that it will last as long as the product.  Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver can apply logos to all kinds of products.  Many people carry a water bottle around with them everywhere.  Water bottles are great places to display your logo. 

Beer glasses with logos on them are extremely popular, as well as coffee cups.   Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver can apply your logo to things you may have never thought about:  sunglasses, keychains, camper-style mugs, mason jar drinking glasses, ceramic/cork cups, and even fire extinguishers.

Corporate Gifts
 Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver can provide custom screen printing in Denver for all your corporate gift needs. Some companies prefer to give a printed water bottle to all their customers’ employees, while other business owners like to gift the company executive with a big bag of branded products. 

Imagine giving a fitness buff CEO a really nice quality gym bag with your logo on it.  Inside, the CEO will find branded water bottles, travel mug, blanket, and notepads – all printed with your logo.  Every time they grab a swig from their water bottle, your logo will flash on their mind for a split second. It will help keep your company in the forefront of their thoughts.

Business owners can even have Bluetooth speakers imprinted with their logo – yet another time when the customer touches and sees the company logo. 

Retail Partners
To be certain that your promotional products speak well of your company, Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver collaborates with only the best retail partners. 

For example, when they want to have custom screen printed t-shirts, Denver business owners can choose shirts from the Marine Layer company.  Marine Layer uses only sustainable fabrics.  When you have your logo printed on a Marine Layer t-shirt, your customer feels your logo on the softest imaginable shirt made from recycled beechwood.

With a sustainable long-lasting fabric and Denver screen printing from Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver your logo will be stuck in the consciousness of your customers for a good long time.

Other high quality retail partners used by Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver include Patagonia, North Face and Marmot.  In addition, we team up with Columbia Sportswear, Carhartt, Adidas, and Nike. So business owners who are looking for custom screen printing in Denver can be sure that their logo will never be seen on a ratty looking gym bag or a stretched out t-shirt. 

Swag Stores 
On-line swag stores are quite the rage these days. Using the top screen printing company in Denver will ensure that your swag store is the best you have ever seen.  Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver will set up the best designed swag store available anywhere. 

A swag store is not only a place to showcase your logo, it also a great way to build brand loyalty. Anyone with any interest in your brand can shop at your online swag store.  Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver will take your swag store from the very beginning steps to a fully functioning store.

Not only will Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver develop your brand and screen print that brand onto fantastic promotional products, but they will also design your swag store storefront, establish a theme, and also perform all the routine mundane internet tasks involved in establishing an online swag store. 

Kinds of Swag Stores
Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver provides pop-up stores for holiday, or full-time stores that stay up all year long. 

When a swag store is done right, your employees and your potential customers will want to buy.  Both employees and customers alike will see the great ceramic and cork mugs and want to buy one.  They will see the high-quality gym bags with the brightly colored logo and imagine how nice it will look when they head for the gym.

It’s amazing the wide variety of products a business owner can choose from when they are looking for custom screen printing in Denver. There are t-shirts soft as a cloud, hoodies warm as toast, tank tops, and sweatshirts.  

When they want the best screen printing, Denver business owners know it is best to choose Anthem Branding – Screen Printing Denver.

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